8 Golden Rules for Successful Recruiting

Be the expert

  • Know the industry you are operating in.
  • Know your customer and the company you are recruiting for.
  • Know the job you are recruiting for.
  • Know the candidate.

Be professional

  • Dress and behave appropriately.
  • Have a professional first impression management.
  • Remember: You are representing the company you work for, your client and the candidate.

Be honest, integer and human

  • Remember: You deal with human beings – you are not selling insurances.
  • Build trust and be normal. This does not mean to be ‘best friends’ with everybody but to give clear advise, be honest if you think this is not a good match and be emotional intelligent.

Create a great, but at least a good, experience

  • Again, you are representative for the company and the brand, remember that.
  • Give clear advice on how the process will be, how long it will take and keep to those milestones.
  • When you say you’ll be on touch on monday morning be in touch on monday morning. When you say you’ll send the details immediately, do it.

Provide feedback – always

  • Do it!
  • Especially when the match is not good and the journey will end there for the candidate: tell them! Communicate!
  • The same regarding the company side: be honest if you can’t find a great candidate immediately. Give feedback about your process and ensure you are hustling to make it happen.

Manage expectations

  • Be clear and honest about what to expect.
  • If you are recruiting for a temp position where there is  probably no option to stay is given – tell your candidates. This makes is easier for them as well as for you, in case you would need to end a contract.
  • If you get asked what salary would be appropriately and realistic – manage expectations. You are the expert who knows the market and the industry.

Be efficient

  • Don’t waist time – not your own time but also not your candidates’ or clients’ time.
  • When you know this would not be a match – be open and honest. There is literally no point for the candidate to come out to your place and waist his / her time on the preparation, commute, and thoughts.
  • Keep the processes smooths, stick to communicated milestones and make it a great experience.

Manage relationships (operational and strategic)

  • Remember: you deal with people.
  • Actively manage your relationships – don’t just let things happen – take action and responsibility.
  • Especially candidates that might not be a perfect fit right now could become potential clients over time and / or somewhere else. You will get your foot so much easier through their door when you did well in the first time.

Source: My Nut Share

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